Holiday at Derawan Island

Where are you going for your holiday this year..?

Bali..? Phuket…? Singapore…? Malaysia…? Or Hawai…?

If you ever going to that place, what place do you like…?

Beach..? Extreme Sport..? or just pleasure..?

How about if you get all in 1 package..?

That’s right.....

Choose Your next holiday on Derawan Island, it’s fun and you can get many.

If you like adventure or extreme sport, you can dive at derawan with many diving spot.

Around Derawan Island, at least 28 diving spot identified. To explore all of spots, youneed about 10 days with one dive at each spot. No wonder if Derawan Island become top three world class dive destinations and makes the Derawan as a dream Island for Divers. To move one spot to another, you can use speed boat or long boat (for 5 or more person). And you can explore the island by foot and watch green turtle laying eggs.

If you like Beach, Derawan Island offer to you many thing’s

This is one from many Expression from visitor who come to Derawan Island

Welcome to one of the most Beautifull tropical island in the world, Pulau Derawan. An island with the surface of coloured sea water blue and green gradations, the soft sand carpet, the line of the coconut tree in the coastal coast, with the small forest in the middle of the island that was the habitat from various plants kinds and the animal as well as beauty of underwater nature that enchanted.”

If you like only pleasure, Derawan Island have many hotel with various price.

So, come and get many experience at Derawan Island.

For Tour and Price, look at here.

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