Derawan Island

Derawan Island is located in Derawan Islands, Derawan District, Berau Regency, East Kalimantan.

Derawan Islands has three districts namely, Derawan Island, Maratua, and the Biduk biduk, Berau. There are at least four famous islands in this Archipelago, which is Pulau Maratua, Derawan, Sangalaki, and Kakaban.

In addition to its coral and fish diversity, the Derawan chain contains Indonesia’s largest nesting site for endangered green sea turtles, which emerge from the sea every night to lay their eggs on the white sand beaches of Sangalaki and Derawan Islands.

Another island in the chain, Semama, is an important bird sanctuary, and Kakaban Island contains the world’s largest and most diverse jellyfish lake, with four unique species of
stingless jellyfish. Kakaban is being considered for nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the surrounding waters there is marine park and is renowned as a tourist submarine for diving
spot with a depth of about five meters. There are a wide variety of marine life here, such as squid (cuttlefish), lobster, ghostpipe fish, octopus (octopus bluering), nudibranchs, sea horses, ribbon Eels and scorpion fishes.On a coral rock at ten meters depth, there is coral rock known as “Trigger Blue Wall” because of the reef with a length of 18 meters there is a lot of trigger fish (red-toothed trigger fishes).

Beside, in Derawan Islands there are several small islands and coastal ecosystems which are
very important such as the coral reefs, sea grass beds and mangrove forests. In addition, many protected species in the Islands of Derawan like green turtles, hawksbill turtles, whales, dolphins, clams, coconut crabs, mermaids, barracuda fish and some other species.

The Islands in Derawan archipelago is about 31 island, which is some of them are bar (gusung) and atoll. Atoll is a coral island surrounding by a lagoon partially or completely. The used of the lands by local inhabitant in these island is only limited for the home living. In addition, the land of the island in the Derawan archipelago still in the form of mangrove forests, thickets, limestone forest in Maratua and coconut vegetation.

The coral reefs in this Derawan archipelago wide spread throughout the island and bar or gusung in Derawan Islands. The shoal in these islands including Gusung Pulau Panjang, Gusung Masimbung, Gusung Buliulin, Gusung Pinaka, Gusung Tababinga and Gusung Muaras.

The types of coral reefs in Derawan Islands consist of reef edge, barrier reefs and atolls. These atolls have been formed into an island and being a lake of salty water and it has 460 to 470 numbers of species indicates that this is a wealth biodiversity, giving it the world’s second highest level of hard coral diversity after the Raja Ampat Islands in eastern Indonesia.


Price List Per Item

Aviation Ticket (P.P / Person) Balikpapan – Berau – Balikpapan, is served by:

KALSTAR (Every Day). Airfare = US$115 - US$125, Time : 11.00 – 12.00 and 16.30 – 17.30

BATAVIA (Every Day). Airfare = US$160 - US$170, Time : 13.05 – 13.45

SRIWIJAYA (Every Day). Airfare = US$160 - US$170, Time : 18.10 – 18.50


  • All Aviation Ticket includes airport tax; porter ; 25 Kg baggages and handling services
  • Excess baggage = Rp. 11.000/Kg (about US$.1.5)
  • Divers can handcarry 1 – 2 small bags to reduce the overweight cost

Land Transportation (P.P / Unit, Max 5 Person)

Berau – Tanjung Batu – Berau, is served Use: AVANSA or XENIA

Charter = US$118

Boat Transportation (P.P / Unit)

Tanjung Batu – Derawan – Tanjung Batu, is served Use: SPEED BOAT (5 Pax, 0.5 hour)

Tariff = US$104



Price / Night

Maximum Capacity




Max. 2 Persons

Deluxe Double



Max. 2 Persons

Deluxe Triple



Max. 3 Persons




Max. 2 Persons




Max. 2 Persons


Price / Person

Opening Time


US$ 9

12.00 am - 14.00 pm


US$ 9

19.00 pm - 21.00 pm

Conditions Note

  • Meals are served in "Buffet" Style
  • Please Inform us during reservation if you have any food allergies or you would like vegetarian meal.

DIVE / DIVING (US$52 / Person)

These prices includes : Dive Tanks & Refill, Weight Belt, as well as a Dive Guide

The price above apply for jetty points within the area of Derawan and only certified divers.

Uncertified divers please ask dive staff for information




First choice, You can fly from your home country to Indonesia with International Flight to Jakarta or Bali and change to domestic flight and fly to Balikpapan. Overnight stay inBalikpapan is recommended for better conncetion to Tanjung Redeb (Berau).

Second choice, you can fly form your home country to Singapore and change to regional flight that have connection to Balikpapan. Overnight stay in Balikpapan is recommended before fly to Tanjung Redeb (Berau)



On arrival at Sepinggan airport Balikpapan, direct transit to domestic departure to get connecting flight to Berau. Upon arrive at Kalimarau airport our driver will meet and pick you up and transferred to Tanjung Batu by private car 2,5 hours.

Then board to speed boat and immediately transfer to Derawan Island 0.5 hour. And here you will stay at Derawan Cottages or Similar. ( Dinner will at cottage restaurant )


Morning after breakfast leave from Derawan to Sangalaki Island and see the Green Turtle which is the island is the most popular of Turtle habitat. Afterwards, continue to Kakaban Island and here you can see the lake in the middle of the sea where the Jelly fish life in this area. Afternoon return to Derawan. ( Lunch en-route, Dinner & Overnight at cottage )


Morning after breakfast, free at leisure and you can spend whole day in Derawan beach with snorkeling around the island and see the beautiful the sea garden with many kind of fish.


Morning after breakfast, leave to Tanjung Batu by speed boat then you will be transfer to Kalimarau Airport for your return flight to Balikpapan. Upon arrive in Sepinggan Airport Balikpapan, get connecting flight to your next destination

PACKAGE PRICE LIST ( Minimum 5 Person )

US$ 425 / Person ( 1 US$ = Rp 8.900 )

Package are:

  • Airfare Ticket Balikpapan Berau Balikpapan (includes: airport tax; porter ; 25 Kg baggages and handling services)
  • Land Transportation Berau – Tanjung Batu – Berau
  • Boat Ticket Tanjung Batu – Derawan – Tanjung Batu
  • Accomodation for 3 Night and B’Fast ( Standart Room ) + (Lunc & Dinner)
  • Dive (includes : Dive Tanks & Refill, Weight Belt, as well as a Dive Guide)
  • Banaboat
  • Sangalaki Island & Kakaban Island Tour

Diving Island

Derawan Island, one of The Best Diving Spot in Kalimantan

In the eastern part of Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo and about 45 km from the Berau river estuary out in the Makassar strait lie several reefs ideal for scuba diving. The dive sites are famous for the large gatherings of manta rays and a jellyfish lake. But in the reefs in the Berau archipelago also live a lot of very interesting critters, beautiful nudibranchs, hidden crabs and shrimps and unusual fish such as ghostpipefishes, scorpionfishes and more.

There are several dive resorts, all are relatively easily reached from either Balikpapan or Tanjung Redeb. Derawan Island is a divers "HEAVEN" and offers many types of diving; walls, fringing reefs, caverns, and even a wonderful muck dive.

You are likely to see big sea turtles, schooling barracudas, whitetip and leopard sharks, napoleon wrasses, cuttlefish, jacks and many many other creatures.

There is a wonderful variety of hard coral around the island. Macro diving off the pier is world class, and you can find sea horses, scorpionfish, and other bizarre small marine animals.

The island is ringed by a white sand beach where thirty to seventy sea turtles nest nightly. Cottages sit back from the beach a bit to allow turtles personal space. Turtles lay eggs on the island, and you may witness hatchlings making it to the sea.

Holiday at Derawan Island

Where are you going for your holiday this year..?

Bali..? Phuket…? Singapore…? Malaysia…? Or Hawai…?

If you ever going to that place, what place do you like…?

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How about if you get all in 1 package..?

That’s right.....

Choose Your next holiday on Derawan Island, it’s fun and you can get many.

If you like adventure or extreme sport, you can dive at derawan with many diving spot.

Around Derawan Island, at least 28 diving spot identified. To explore all of spots, youneed about 10 days with one dive at each spot. No wonder if Derawan Island become top three world class dive destinations and makes the Derawan as a dream Island for Divers. To move one spot to another, you can use speed boat or long boat (for 5 or more person). And you can explore the island by foot and watch green turtle laying eggs.

If you like Beach, Derawan Island offer to you many thing’s

This is one from many Expression from visitor who come to Derawan Island

Welcome to one of the most Beautifull tropical island in the world, Pulau Derawan. An island with the surface of coloured sea water blue and green gradations, the soft sand carpet, the line of the coconut tree in the coastal coast, with the small forest in the middle of the island that was the habitat from various plants kinds and the animal as well as beauty of underwater nature that enchanted.”

If you like only pleasure, Derawan Island have many hotel with various price.

So, come and get many experience at Derawan Island.

For Tour and Price, look at here.